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Fort Myers first Boutique Distillery.
EST. 2015



List Distillery is a Family Owned and Operated Craft Spirit Distillery founded in 2015 and located in Fort Myers, Florida.

Renate and Thomas List are passionate people devoted to the art of distilling the best craft spirits possible using locally sourced crops and organic ingredients.

Working side by side, in their state of the art distillery, Renate and Thomas combine their passion and knowledge of old-world craft distilling with innovative ideas to produce unique flavors and memorable experiences.

To Renate and Thomas, “Craft Distilling is the art of combining our love, knowledge, local ingredients, creativity and the ability to dream!”

Stop by the List Distillery and watch as they Mash, Cook, Mix and Distill unique flavors such as Apple Pie Rum, Key Lime Pie Rum, Habanero Honey Whiskey, Ginger Lime Gin, Hazelnut Liqueur and Caffe Latte. Don’t forget to stop by the tasting room as well to get a true taste for Mr. Tom’s Spirits.

Tours by reservation only, please call to set up your tour today!

Phone: 239 208 7214






Honor any special occasion with an elegantly Engraved Bottle

Personalized Liquor Bottles turn an ordinary liquor bottle into a memorable keepsake that will be cherished forever.

 Send their favorite liquor bottle of vodka, bourbon or rum and engrave your custom message for a unique gift.

The recipient will cherish your personalized gift for a lifetime.







Create your own Brand!

List Distillery has a wide variety of Spirits for Private Label Distribution.

Your one stop resource for Alcoholic Beverage Packing, Filling, Bottling, Flavoring, Formula, Consulting, Blending and Manufacturing.

Private label beverage development of Flavored Vodkas, Spirits, Cordials and Mixers.

Private Label Distribution works on the concept that you don’t require a formula or guidance to get a brand going.

These Private Label Spirits only include a COLA (Certificate of Label Approval) to get started.

We provide you a quick and simple way to enter into the Spirits Market.

We provide a reasonable Startup fee with label approval (COLA) and Brand Registration in Florida with your Brand name.


For more info please contact:  [email protected]




Hours and Location

Call us!

3680 Evans Ave. Suite A
Fort Myers, 33901,
Florida, USA
Tel: 239-208-7214

Email us

[email protected]
Mon.- Fr.: 11am - 5pm
Saturday 11 am - 4 pm
Closed - Sunday

Tour-ticket available at the Gift Shop ( $10.- per Person) includes Free Samples!

Tours by reservation only, please call to set up your tour today!



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